Break out your old mixtapes to be in the background of your Instagram post. Nostalgia marketing is here!

You know when you are driving in your car or on the train and that “one” song comes on your Spotify playlist that transports you back to a moment in time and you can’t help but smile. That’s what nostalgia is all about and it has made its way to marketing. We have seen this over the years from brands like Coca Cola bringing back their classic glass bottle for campaigns or Nintendo rereleasing its 1980s and 1990s classics Nintendo Entertainment System in 2019, bring back a feel-good emotion to consumers. Even outside of marketing efforts, polaroid cameras and 90s clothes became a hit for millennials in the fashion world.

Referencing those good ol’days in your social post brings a more down-to-earth feeling of your brand. According to the researchers, nostalgia can “counteract loneliness, boredom, and anxiety.” These stimuli bring strong positive emotions from consumers and can help consumers de-stress…. something we all could you nowadays… While they are scrolling to the end of their IG feed out of boredom from being alone in their 300 sq foot apartment, these posts can bring a happy feeling to consumers. So does this mean to break out your old products/services while listening to the Backstreet Boys?

Not exactly…

… what it does mean is maybe overlaying a great 90s hit in your Instagram reel or create a nostalgia design for your next round of social post to create that feel-good, untouchable, world stops for a moment emotion. We all know emotion is a must and Nostalgia has a way to reach all consumer group’s emotions, and that is a very powerful marketing tool.